We are accepting applications for boarding and day places for Autumn 2020 entry. 

If you would like to find out more, including information about the Aided Places Scheme, please email admissions@st-marys-music-school.co.uk




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Application Form

As part of the St Mary's Music School admissions procedure, we require certain pieces of information in order that we can process your application. The details of why this information is necessary, how it will be processed, how and where it will be stored and for how long it will be retained are set out in the St Mary's Music School Admissions Privacy Policy available on our website https://www.stmarysmusicschool.co.uk/apply/.

Type of Application


1. Personal Details

Is English the pupil's native language?

2. Current School & Entry Information (we will inform you prior to contacting the applicant's current school)

Boarding place requested:

3. Musical Information (please note composition is considered an instrument)

(First Study)
(Second Study)
Length of study:
Examinations taken:
Additional activities:
Current teacher:
Frequency of lessons:
Additional musical studies including any academic music studies, theory lessons and results.

4. Supporting your child

We are committed to promoting equality of opportunity throughout our admissions process: please note that information provided in this section will not be shared with the audition panel.

In order that we can provide the right environment and support for your child, please give details of any Additional Support Needs they may have.

Please tick if you child has received Additional Support for Learning:
Please tick if your child has been referred to an Educational Psychologist, Speech and Language Therapist or any other agency :
If you have ticked above, please give details:
Please tick any Exam Assessment arrangements your child receives:
Has the applicant, at any point, been referred to CAMHS or any other agency? If yes, please give details:
Please state any educational, medical and/or other circumstances which might require special consideration:

5. Parent Declaration

I/We apply for an audition for the above-named applicant and, in the event of his/her being accepted, I/we being the person/persons having parental rights in respect of the candidate acknowledge that 1/we have viewed a copy of St Mary's Music School's Admissions Privacy Notice and have read and understood it and I/we consent to the School processing my/our personal data for the purposes of considering the Applicant's admission to the School. I/We confirm that the information on this application form is correct to the best of my/our knowledge. I/We have given the Applicant the opportunity to read, understand, and consent to the School processing the Applicant's personal data. By signing the admissions form, I/we consent to St Mary's Music School contacting the Headteacher of the applicant's present school.

If the applicant is twelve (12) years or older then I/we confirm their signature below.
* If it is not possible for both parents to sign, please note the reason for this.

6. Applicant Declaration

If the Applicant is twelve (12) years or older then the section below must be completed by the Applicant on their own. The school cannot process this application without the applicant's concert - this is a legal requirement.

I understand that as part of my application to the School my parent/parents must provide the School with certain types of personal data about me. I have been given an opportunity to read and understand the St Mary's Music School's Admissions Privacy Notice and I am happy to consent for the time being for my information be used in this way. I also understand that I may withdraw my consent at any time in the future by contacting the School.
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A formal audition fee of £75 will be required (not required for Advisory Auditions). Once you are invited to the formal audition, you will be emailed a payment link. Alternatively you can send a cheque, payable to “St Mary’s Music School” addressed to:

St Mary’s Music School
Coates Hall
25 Grosvenor Crescent
Edinburgh EH12 5EL 

Application for an Instrumental Place: Notes for Guidance

Instrumental Audition Applications
Instrumental applicants usually offer two specialist studies, but this need not be a condition of acceptance for an audition.  Specialist studies are not always instrumental: for example, some pupils take Composition and/or Singing as either first or second studies.

Music References
The School does not need references for Advisory Auditions.

The School requires references from the applicant’s present music teachers for instrumental auditions stating:

  • Pupil’s length of study.
  • List of works recently learned.
  • Estimate of present standard.
  • Estimate of potential, and degree of application.

Musical references must be enclosed with the application form.  When the school receives these documents, if references are satisfactory, the candidate will be given a date and a time for an audition.  Overseas applicants may be asked to submit a short clip/link of performance.  An Advisory Audition may be offered if appropriate.  If the applicant is applying for an instrumental audition the Headteacher will contact the applicant’s school for a school reference.

Audition procedure
Full Instrumental Auditions are held three times a year, in November, January/February and April.  Applications should be received at the latest two weeks prior to audition, but may be sent in at any point in the session.  Applicants will be auditioned by a panel including the Headteacher and the Director of Music.  The Admissions Secretary can advise on exact dates.

Instrumental auditions are divided into two parts.  In the first, the applicant will be asked to play two contrasted works on his or her main instrument and one on the second instrument (if a second is being offered).  The second part of the audition may include sight reading and ear tests and an informal discussion.  An accompanist will be provided by the school and you are asked to send music in advance.

If an instrumental candidate is successful at audition, they will be invited to come and spend two days at the school, for lessons on both main and second instruments, and in some academic subjects, so that further assessments can be made.  A boarding facility for the candidate will usually be available if needed.

Following a successful outcome the candidate will be offered a place in the school usually for the start of the next academic session.  Demand is high and a waiting list place may be offered if the candidate is not offered a place outright.  A recommendation for a further audition may be made and unsuccessful candidates may reapply.  The allocation of places is at the discretion of the Headteacher as advised by the Director of Music.

Points to Note

Should a place be offered:

  • a high standard of musical attainment and commitment must be maintained.
  • pupils’ progress will be reviewed each session.
  • a major music assessment will take place each session when further recommendations may be made.
  • the rules of the School must be observed.
  • a term’s notice of withdrawal is required, failing which one third of a full year’s fee will be charged in lieu of notice.