Choir School Auditions

The admissions procedure for choristers is organised together with the Organist and Master of the Cathedral Music.  Auditions are usually held three times a year, with the main entry point at Primary 5 (age 9 to 10). We look for a quick mind, a good sense of pitch and rhythm, a clear voice and although applicants need not have had experience of singing in a choir they may have usually had some experience of learning a musical instrument.    

We suggest that candidates bring a simple song to sing - anything such as a hymn or song learnt at their present school would be fine.  

If successful at audition (usually Primary 4, age 8 to 9), they then undertake a year’s probationary training (three times a week - Tuesday, Thursday evenings and Sunday mornings), before entering the school at Primary 5, after which they are admitted as full choristers. Under this system they are introduced to the routine of a chorister’s life gradually, so that the transition to St Mary’s Music School is effected smoothly.  It may also be possible to audition at an older age.

Choristers enjoy a very full schedule with regular opportunities to perform.  In addition to performing in Edinburgh, in the last year, our Choristers have performed in France and Prague.  The Master of the Music Staff and staff at St Mary’s Music School are sympathetic to the special nature of the balance between Chorister and academic commitments and work closely together to ensure the pupils enjoy the opportunities available.  The Organist & Master of the Cathedral Music, Duncan Ferguson, is always delighted to answer questions or to hear a prospective candidate at any stage. You are encouraged to come and hear the Cathedral Choir sing.  

Enquiries may be made through the Admissions Secretary at St Mary’s Music School Tel: 0131 538 7766 or email

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