Finlay Hetherington

Finlay Hetherington is a Scottish trumpet player who works as an educator and performer throughout Scotland and the UK.  After trumpet studies with one of the world's leading brass performers and pedagogy, John Miller and also the late John McMurray at the Royal Northern College of Music and Manchester University, Finlay returned to Scotland and completed a post-graduate course in secondary music education at Edinburgh University.

As a classically trained trumpet player, Finlay’s vast musical portfolio includes working with orchestras, theatre shows and small ensembles, as well as diversifying in other genres including, jazz, rock and pop, commercial studio recording and performing live.

Finlay has extensive experience performing across the UK and abroad including, Asia and the USA and is a very experienced collaborator. His current projects include trumpet and accordion duo, Albaccord and is founding director and trumpeter with Scottish brass quintet, Brass Tracks, which is represented by Classical Musician's Scotland. (

As a dedicated educator Finlay has a vast amount of experience working in one to one sessions as a musical workshop leader from coaching and tutoring trumpet.  Finlay has taught trumpet at St Mary’s Music School since 2004 and is also currently a brass tutor in a number of Edinburgh City schools and has been a guest lecturer in higher music education at Mansfield University, Pennsylvania, USA.  Finlay is also tutor of trumpet at Edinburgh College.

Finlay Hetherington


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