Dr Stephen Gruneberg

As a former pupil of the Royal High and indeed as a pupil of the last cohort to pass through the doors of the Assembly Hall out into the world at the end of my schooling in 1967, I would like to give my support to the proposal to turn the Royal High School Building into St Mary’s Music School. 

This proposal would retain the original purpose of the buildings and enhance the area. It would be a wonderful and appropriate use of the structure in its location and would add to the reputation of Edinburgh as a refined and cultural centre of the arts. Indeed, the main hall was not only the daily assembly hall of the school but it served as the class room of the Head of the Music Department, Mr Bowie. Once again that same space could resonate to the sound of great music as part of St Mary’s.

I do sincerely hope this proposal succeeds.

Dr Stephen Gruneberg, Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, The University of Westminster

Dr Stephen Gruneberg