Weekly Routine

The chorister programme, which is maintained by many cathedrals in the UK, is widely acknowledged as unique in developing high levels of musicianship and performance at an early age. In addition to the exceptional musical benefits, it fosters important life qualities of dedication, discipline, and teamwork and provides strong foundations for the choristers, not just in music but in their lives more generally (see ‘Moving On’). Being a chorister is undoubtedly hard work, but the rewards are immeasurable!

The Chorister Day (Monday to Friday)

8.25 Morning registration at the Cathedral Song School
8.30 Full Chorister Rehearsal
9.30 Walk to Coates Hall
9.45 - 10.45

Morning Lessons P5-P7 are taught in a Composite Class taught primarily by Mrs Jarron; PE, French, Music Theory and Instrumental Lessons are taught by other specialists.

From S1 Choristers move up to the full Senior School Curriculum.

10.15 Assembly (Mondays)
10.45 Morning Break
11.00 - 1.00   

Morning lessons continue

Instrumental & singing lessons and individual practice time are timetabled alongside academic lessons throughout the week. It is a feature of the school that pupils do not come out of an academic class for music activities.

1.00 Lunch Break
1.20 - 1.45 Occasional Lunchtime Concerts (optional)
1.45 - 3.15 Afternoon Lessons (Wednesdays: Orchestra & Chamber Ensembles, Performance Class; Fridays: PE)
3.15 Afternoon Break
3.30 - 4.30 Afternoon Lessons continue (except Wednesdays, when the Choristers go home at 3.30pm); Fridays: Dalcroze
4.30 Choir Tea (hot or cold snack, fruit and a drink)
4.45 Walk to Cathedral Song School, robe
4.55 Full Rehearsal in the Cathedral
5.30 Choral Evensong
      Mondays: Choristers only
      Tuesdays: Full Cathedral Choir
      Wednesdays: Lay Clerks only (choristers go home at 3.30pm)
      Thursdays: Choral Eucharist (Full Cathedral Choir)
      Fridays: Full Cathedral Choir (unaccompanied), followed by Full Cathedral Choir rehearsal until 7pm
6.15 Finish (except Fridays - see above)

The Chorister Day (Weekends)

There is seldom any Chorister commitment on Saturdays.

9.30  Arrival at the Cathedral Song School
9.45 Full Rehearsal in the Cathedral
10.30    Cathedral Sung Eucharist
12.00 Choristers return home for lunch
2.30 Arrival at the Cathedral Song School
2.45 Full Rehearsal at the Cathedral
3.30 Choral Evensong
4.30 Finish


Applications and Auditions