Five Year Programme

Choristers follow a rewarding five year programme. The Probationary year (see below) is entirely optional, but is a great introduction to the routines and disciplines of singing in a world-class Choir.

Singing and Instrumental Lessons, together with Theory lessons and a certain amount of practice, all happen during the school day. Click here to learn more about a typical weekly timetable.

Probationer Choristers Optional year for Primary 4 (age 7-8) pupils
As an introduction to Chorister life, Probationers attend their local Primary/Prep School but come to the Cathedral for Tuesday Singing Club and sing at Thursday’s Choral Eucharist.
Year 1 Primary 5 (age 8-9)
From P5 all Choristers attend St Mary’s Music School (see Weekly Routine).
In the first term a P5 pupil has a fairly light singing timetable.  There is additional support with sight-singing, aural and theory.
Year 2 Primary 6 (age 9-10)
The second year brings new challenges and plenty of new repertoire.
Year 3 Primary 7 (age 10-11)
Transition week in May allows a taster of what’s in store for Choristers moving into the Senior School.
Year 4 Senior 1 (age 11-12)
A Chorister’s Senior years are the most rewarding part of their time with us.
Chorister pupils usually take up an additional instrument and/or piano.
Year 5 Senior 2 (age 12-13)
Our most senior singers, S2 Choristers are given important responsibilities and roles.
This year is a wonderful culmination of five years of hard work. See also ‘Moving on’.

Choir Practice