Instrumental Lessons

Group Lessons, from Primary 3 onwards (from age 7)

It is an advantage for children starting an instrument to attend or have attended Kodály classes, and more developed co-ordination and physical size are important. However, violins, recorders and clarineos can be suitable for younger children. 

Instruments currently offered are: Violin; Cello; Guitar; Clarsach; Recorder; Clarinet/Clarineo; and Trumpet.

Group instrumental lessons are offered for beginners for up to three years of tuition.

Violin, Cello, Guitar and Clarsach are usually taught in groups of up to four and Recorder in groups of up to eight. 

Ensemble Classes

Recorder Ensemble and Clarinet/Clarineo Ensemble classes run according to demand for children who have had lessons for two years. 

Individual Lessons

For those who have completed three years of group instrumental lessons, individual half-hour lessons can be arranged.  Please speak to the Saturday Music Classes Co-ordinator if you are interested in continuing your musical journey.


In order to progress and enjoy an instrument, it is strongly recommended that instrumental pupils practise for 10 - 15 minutes five times a week. 

Instrumental Lesson