Singing Classes & Choirs

Primary 1 and 2

In each singing class the young singers will be encouraged to pitch match in a range suitable for their age and stage. Kodály hand signs will be used to practise early musicianship. Rhythm and listening skills will be developed.

Primary 3

Children will extend their range and be encouraged to make a lovely sound. Skills in listening, concentrating and memory will be practised. Early aural skills will be encouraged.

Kodály hand signs continue to help musicianship.

Primary 4 and 5

Children will be introduced to part singing. Kodály signing will be used. There will be opportunities to sing individually if wished. Early notation, posture, breathing and sound production will be practised.

Primary 6 and 7

Pupils will sing regularly in 2 or 3 parts. Music notation will be used and recognised choral repertoire will be covered. Aural skills will be practised.

Singing Class in action