Performance Practice

The Performance Practice (PP) class takes place on a Friday afternoon in various forms and involves every pupil in the school either all together for a performance or in faculty groups for lectures, discussions and demonstrations.

The opportunity to explore aspects of performance with professional musicians is a vital part of the training we provide for aspiring musicians.  Of particular interest is the chance to discuss the positive and negative aspects of a performance, sharing the perspectives of the audience and performer in a constructive and safe environment of critical friends.  Performance is central to a musician’s life and pupils here need as many opportunities to prepare for and reflect upon performance as we can provide.

Talks and demonstrations have included instrument specific sessions, learning more about how a piano is made for instance and how best to care for stringed instruments. 

In a recent PP session the Head of Acting at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland worked with seniors to consider ways to establish a connection and dialogue with an audience. Other topics include posture, breathing and health-related matters. Professional Dancers have also explored the idea of Performance Movement.

Events in the Cathedral are an essential platform for our pupils, particularly those who are less confident about performing; they have the support of their fellow pupils but the public can attend, and this gives an extra dimension to the experience.

Events at The Edinburgh Society of Musicians have been particularly successful; the environment, ambience and intimacy give pupils a real feeling of playing in an important concert; they respond well, present themselves professionally and some of the performances have been very memorable.

Performance in St Mary's Cathedral