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St Mary's Music School Vocal Programme 

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The Vocal Department at St Mary’s Music School is the only one of its kind in Scotland and the North of England. Singing is an intrinsic part of Scotland’s rich cultural heritage and therefore makes the perfect home for young singers from the UK and abroad to help ensure that they can grow and flourish. There are two vocal programmes at the School which focus on age-appropriate vocal development: The Changing Voices Programme and the Senior Vocal Programme. All singers are encouraged to perform regularly and can do so at lunchtime concerts in School as well as in performance opportunities at the many major concert events held by St Mary’s Music School throughout the year. Pupils have access to masterclasses with industry leaders and are supported to attend external opportunities such as the National Youth Choir of Scotland, Scottish Opera and RSNO Youth Chorus.


TASTER DAY - 5 MAY, 10am to 3pm

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Changing Voices Programme 

Aimed at aspiring young singers, the Changing Voices Programme has vocal health and confidence-building at its heart. With a focus on classical vocal technique, singers are nurtured and supported to maintain confidence in their vocal ability through specialist classes and teaching on how to use their new voices. As first study singers, they are encouraged to work as soloists by exploring text, emotional expression and all areas of vocal performance. Each pupil will receive one-to-one lessons each week with a teacher who specialises in this period of vocal development as well as performance classes, coaching, language classes and ensemble music-making activities such as School Choir, Changing Voices Choir and Chamber Music. Pupils on the Changing Voices programme are given an increased amount of contact time on their second studies to allow them flexibility within their education as their voice develops. This will allow them more choice as they progress through the School. 

Senior Vocal Programme 

The Senior Vocal Programme provides young singers with all the skills they need to succeed at conservatoire and beyond. During the course of their study, they learn how to use both their body and instrument as a means of communicating text and music, strengthen confidence in their vocal ability and learn team-working skills which will prove invaluable throughout their lives. First-study singers can expect weekly singing lessons where they focus on a wide range of repertoire and on honing their classical vocal technique; weekly coaching with a vocal specialist; performances classes; language classes (Italian, German and French); acting, movement and stagecraft, as well as involvement in ensemble music-making activities such as School Choir, Chamber Choir and Vocal Scenes. 

What to expect - 

Language Class 

All singers on both the Changing Voices Programme and the Senior Vocal Programme receive a weekly language coaching. This is an opportunity for pupils to work on their pronunciation and interpretation of text, arguably the most important element of vocal performance. These classes are sung and are led by one of the School’s voice teachers ensuring that pupils are able to communicate text in a way which is not interfering with their technical work. Languages change termly with a focus on Italian in the first term, French in the second and German in the third. 

Performance Class 

As with all instrumental pupils at St Mary’s Music School, all singers on the Changing Voices Programme and Senior Vocal Programme receive a weekly performance class. The purpose of the class is to develop presentation and performance skills essential for all concert work and, of course, auditions. It also gives pupils the opportunity to test-run repertoire ahead of performances in a safe and supportive environment. When pupils are not performing, they are encouraged to give constructive feedback and reflect on how this might impact their own performances going forward.

Changing Voices Choir 

Ensemble music-making is a key element of every child’s musical development. All pupils on the Changing Voices Programme are involved in the Changing Voices Choir. This small choir focusses on building on choristers’ choral experience whilst supporting their voices as they change. Pupils are able to switch voice parts as required to ensure that they are working within a comfortable part of their voice and will be most likely singing one to part. This allows them to think like soloists working together rather than as one of many within a traditional choir building important teamwork, independent learning and musicianship skills.

Acting, Movement and Stagecraft Class and Vocal Scenes 

Singers on the Senior Vocal Programme receive weekly acting, movement and stage craft lessons. During these lessons, pupils  learn how to use their body to help them communicate both text and music through basic acting technique, stagecraft and schools of movement. They also explore the beginnings of building a character and how their body and movements can inform this. To cement the work they do in this class and to bring together acting and voice study, singers annually perform a set of staged Vocal Scenes with short extracts from operas, operettas and musical theatre. These scenes are curated by the Head of Voice and chosen to best suit the singers in the programme.

 TASTER DAY - 5 MAY, 10am to 3pm

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St Mary’s Music School is one of the nine specialist Music and Dance Schools the UK (and the only one in Scotland)  funded by the UK Government and providing the finest training in Britain. It is a co-educational, non-denominational specialist music school, offering a world class standard of music and academic education to musically gifted children aged 9-19 years. It is also the Choir School of St Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral in Edinburgh. It attracts day and boarding pupils from across Scotland, England, Wales, Northern Ireland, Europe and internationally. 

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