Jazz education at St Mary's Music School has been part of the school life for almost thirty years and plays an important role in the evolution of each student's musical development. Each student studies the application of harmony, rhythm, communication transcription and improvising games, which leads to them being able to develop an improvising toolkit that can be applied to any genre of music. Much like learning a language, the aim for first study jazz students is to become fluent improvisers and attain a place to study jazz at conservatoire level. Jazz piano is taught by Chick Lyall and Rob Hall.

Similarly, for those wishing to specialise in a style of music that isn't jazz, it's our aim, through regular Jazz Days throughout the year, co-ordinated by prize-winning bassist and former pupil, Andrew Robb, to make the students understand the benefit of being able to improvise. The benefits are not just musical and are often seen outside of the classroom in areas like practicing, organisational skills, teamwork/leadership skills, improved problem solving, greater understanding and awareness of empathy, improved independent and peer-to-peer learning and communication skills. 

Jazz is a regular, thrilling feature to the musical pattern, as are improvisation, composition and arrangement

The Summer Jazz Concert is one of the most anticipated concerts of the school year.

  Our Junior Instrumentalists (age 9-13) Programme

 Alan Benzie Trio: Frog Town on the Hill



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