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Monday 18 May 2020

Collaboration – An Essential Skill for Pianists


Photo: John Cameron, Iain Burnside and Roderick Williams at 'The Portfolio Pianist' Seminar and Masterclass 2019 


Collaboration – An Essential Skill for Pianists

By John Cameron, Assistant Director of Music and Head of Keyboard, St Mary’s Music School

In this strange period of ‘Lockdown’, I accept that there is an irony in extolling the virtues of ensemble work for musicians when we have no analogue opportunities to engage in this type of work. However, as pianists and as practising musicians, we are already well versed in social distancing.

Music as shared experience

As a means of introduction, it might be helpful to speak a little about my piano playing history. I started off as a violin player and went on to study as an undergraduate at the RNCM as a violist. The thing I enjoyed most about string playing was the whole social and community  aspect.  Making music with others was where I found joy, whether taking part in the Grampian Regional Orchestras as a nine year old, then NYOS at 13, as well as playing in, and forming, quartets and trios at the RCS Juniors, the Orchestras there and then later at St Mary’s Music School and the RNCM where the chamber music and ensemble work was the highlight of my studies.

Over time I became increasingly drawn to what links us as musicians and as people. It became clear to me that music is about shared experience, a unity of voice and of purpose, as exemplified in chamber music and in the work of the dance company.  It is not always about expertise and virtuosity but predominantly about multiple strands, often with different characters and differing viewpoints, weaving into one whole.

Then, almost by accident, I found myself to be a pianist and suddenly this concept of sharing all but stopped.  I was alone, in a practice room with nothing more than a metronome, a pencil, a score and a piano for company.  Almost immediately I started to look for ways out of that hermetic life.  As a fluent sight-reader, I offered to play for rehearsals, for singers in their lessons, for choirs, for a ballet company, for opera scenes and coaching sessions.  A whole world opened up that I didn’t really know existed.  A pianist’s life, I thought, was a mostly solitary one, but it turned out that I could indulge my passion to play with others, to communicate and to share music. 

Since then, I have spent nearly 95% of my time playing with others and maybe 5% playing solo, and what I would like to talk about today is the variety on offer for us pianists. The benefits of engaging with it fully and not just the social aspect but actually how it improves our solo playing.

The variety of employment opportunities for pianists

So in the world of work, let us consider what roles the pianist can take.

Not so very long ago, the advice for young musicians, in preparation for a life of music-making, was to specialise.  To develop a unique selling point, an individual was to carve out a niche within a niche.  Nowadays, for the aspiring musician, flexibility and a willingness to engage with all areas of performing and teaching is highly prized.  Someone who has developed confidence in all aspects of their work, through experimentation and learning as well as a positive outlook, is a far more attractive proposition for a potential employer in these difficult times for the performing musician. 

Simon Smith, Pianist and John Cameron, Assistant Director of Music at St Mary's Music School

Photo: John Cameron and Simon Smith at 'The Portfolio Pianist' Seminar and Masterclass 2019 

So, what does this mean for the young pianist?  Long gone are the days of pianism being restricted to the solitary practice of a recital programme then the solo tour to follow.  For each of the very few virtuosi that sell out venues the world over, there is an army of pianists working, often unseen, as teachers, as coaches, as accompanists, as orchestral musicians and conductors, and as collaborative artists in the world of opera and ballet.  Pianists can be found in every school, whether playing for assembly on a Monday morning or playing for exams and auditions; in nearly every university, playing for choir practice and for final recitals in the Music Department.  At conservatoire, staff pianists play a crucial role in the running of the Vocal School as well as playing for all faculties, Drama included.  Repetiteur work is a hugely demanding job, requiring excellent language skills, and is pivotal to the success of an operatic production.  One of the greatest pianists, Sviatoslav Richter, began his career in the Opera House, working as a repetiteur. Piano players work as assistants to conductors, to music directors and choreographers and are vital to the production of broadcasts and staged shows.  The list is never-ending and, for any pianist who is willing to embrace this multitude of opportunity, it is a joy.  It is no accident that some of the finest pianists spend their summers at the various festivals, joining colleagues from all over the world to play Chamber Music and give duo recitals. 

Alan Benzie Trio

Photo: The Alan Benzie Trio at 'The Portfolio Pianist' Seminar and Masterclass 2019 

Making music with others is unlike anything else and these highly rewarding aspects of the ‘Portfolio Pianist’ musically nourish everything we do as musicians and as pianists.

So, we can see the advantages of being able to work with others from an employer’s standpoint.

The benefits of collaborative practice to the soloist

So, how could this work make us better solo pianists and musicians?

Consider the following:

  • You are constantly learning from another viewpoint
  • You are continually being gently questioned
  • You have to explain your view to someone else, which means your thoughts must be clear and understood
  • You are more likely to spend time researching to give yourself solid ground on which to stand
  • You always have another set of ears in the room
  • Ideas that convince you might not be communicated with sufficient relief and depth to be understood by a listener
  • You learn to layer your sounds to highlight a more dominant sound meaning your listening skills are heightened
  • Sometimes you have to play with a fortissimo energy but still allow another voice through
  • You have to play pianissimo but in a way that gives confidence to your partner for a tricky entry.  This requires a much more nuanced tonal palette.
  • You have to consider someone ahead of yourself – that's just good citizenship
  • You have to play more rhythmically – especially if you’re working in the Theatre, or with an Orchestra.
  • Your rubato is no longer just ‘because you feel it’, you have to demonstrate it clearly and it may well have to be neutralised by your partner
  • You have to play while concentrating on someone else’s line 
  • You have to trust another’s body language and respond and affirm
  • You have to be alert to every slur or blemish of your partner whilst negotiating your own, often difficult part
  • You often have to jump bars to make things whole, meaning you are much more aware and alert
  • You have to know when it’s time for you to shine, or time for you to help someone else shine.

This dexterity means, that when one returns to your own solo work, your capacity for ideas and listening is heightened.  You become the other set of ears in the room and are much less likely to allow yourself quite the same leeway.  You will have a greater range of colours available.  To play something very fast and difficult can be fine if played forte, much harder if played mp under the solo melody. 

Steven Osborne, Pianist

Photo: Steven Osborne at 'The Portfolio Pianist' Seminar and Masterclass 2019

Collaborative practice helps to develop sight-reading skills – the nature of much of the work is random and ad hoc - ‘You play piano don’t you? Can you play for my audition, my pianist is stuck in traffic?’  To say ‘Sorry, I need 6 months' notice’ won’t cut it.  Learning to learn things quickly and safely is a terrific skill to improve, and sight-reading should make up a small part of every day.  By simply doing it, it gets easier.

Playing works of Schubert, having performed a great many of the songs, transforms one’s understanding of the solo piano work which can feel ungainly and unfamiliar without referencing his largest body of work – Lieder.  Working with a singer teaches us so much about shaping, breathing and emphasis.

You are forced to make simple figures and textures beautiful. It sounds like a small point, but when you start taking care of how you sound in your accompanying Alberti Bass in a simple song or aria, you will then consider it much more closely in the left hand next time you play your towering Beethoven Sonata.

The quality of collaborative music is wonderful.  To say you know Brahms through his solo work is like saying you know Belgian Cuisine because you had a plate of mussels and fries one time.  The Trios, the Piano Quartets, the F minor Quintet, the 3 violin sonatas, the two clarinet/viola sonatas the Liebeslieder waltzes and the songs are amongst his very best works.  The best way to know them is to play them.  It means your op.117/118 and op119 set will grow in depth, you will be freed to look for new, richer, more orchestral sounds in your Rhapsodies.

Playing with others is not somehow easier and therefore of less value.  Look at the score of Messiaen’s Harawi (Messiaen’s last set of songs) and tell me that it is easier than much of the music in Vingt Regards.  Then you have to play it whilst reading your vocalist’s line, whilst jumping and skipping, whilst feeding words, whilst moving to reflect new ideas, all whilst balancing in the moment. Heroic stuff, all the while being that constant source of support.

You have to play together....this can only be considered ‘next level’ musical communication.  Yes we can lead and make arrangements but learning to trust in ensemble requires such fine listening, such open yet delicate understanding.

If you work in opera, it means you are likely to work with outstanding conductors and singers.  If you work in ballet, you will have access to some of the most fantastic repertoire that you otherwise would be denied.  In song, a clearer understanding of gesture, and line, and breath.  Would Britten and Poulenc have quite the understanding of melody had they not worked so closely with Pears and Bernac respectively?

So, in short, I plead with you to seize every opportunity you can to play with others.

The pianist’s life should not be a lonely one.....excepting perhaps, for just a little while longer.Until then – keep Zooming."

John Cameron, Assistant Director of Music and Head of Keyboard at St Mary's Music School 













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Winner Announced: Directors' Recital Prize

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Empowering Musicians with the St Mary’s Music School Instrument Library

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9 March 2023

Gaby Lester Violin Masterclass

We recently had the pleasure of welcoming renowned violinist Gaby Lester into school. After a full day assessing our first study String Recital Assessments she stayed with us for a second day to give masterclasses and a performance. 

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28 February 2023

Upcoming Events

A line-up of events await you over the next few months as St Mary's Music School pupils prepare for a series of unforgettable performances.

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3 February 2023

Francois Leleux Visit

On 18 January 2023, our masterclass season kicked off with the remarkable oboist, Francois Leleux, joining us.

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16 January 2023

Ones to watch in 2023: Ryan Corbett

Former pupil from 2016 - 2018 Ryan received an excellent write up in 'The Scotsman' newspaper last week. Wriiten by by Ken Walton. Ryan discusses his teacher Djordie, and his plans for the future.

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Walking in a winter wonderland……..

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Mince Pie Concert - Saturday Music Classes

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First snow of the year

It is beginning to feel alot like Christmas!

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Congratulations to Connie

Congratulations to Connie (S2) for winning the 4-17 prose creative writing competition

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29 November 2022

Junior St Andrew’s Ceilidh on Monday 28th November from 5pm - 6.30pm.

Raising money Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH) Senior pupils Daisy and Kirsty put on a Junior St Andrew's Ceilidh on Monday 28th November. 

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24 November 2022

We won our 6th Green Flag

For the sixth time our school has been awarded the Green Flag by Keep Scotland Beautiful. Thank you to all of  the Eco-committee who played their part in retaining this prestigious award.

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23 November 2022

Reverse Advent Calendar

Our primary teacher Mrs Jarron has once again initiated the annual reverse advent calendar. Please support this worthy cause. 

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21 November 2022

Susan Tomes here in Concert

We welcomed multiple prizewinning concert pianist and author Susan Tomes into school  

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18 November 2022

International Piano Summer School

International Piano Summer School 2023 - open to book August 11 -16

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7 November 2022

Halloween Dress Up Competition

Paul was the winner of the Halloween Fancy Dress competition

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20 October 2022

Shionka Wins

Congratulations to Shionka who won the Sir Philip Christison Trophy at the Royal National Mòd

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15 October 2022

Winners 2022 House Music Competition

Grosvenor House were the winners of the annual House Music Competition

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12 October 2022

Kabantu Workshop

Former pupil Katie Foster presented a workshop with band members Kabantu

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8 October 2022

50th Anniversary

Message from John Cameron acting Director of Music.

As we welcome in the 50th year of instrumental teaching at St Mary’s Music School, I take on the temporary role of acting Director of Music at a time of reflection, of freshness and opportunity. Central to our success is our ability to nurture musical talent with a remarkable body of staff who, with endless care and patience, seek to nourish each individual pupil and allow them to grow.

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7 October 2022

SMC Classes


Saturday Music Classes at St Mary's Music School are delighted to be expanding their range of instruments

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7 October 2022

Former pupil Ethan Loch reaches the final BBC Young Musician 2022

BBC Young Musician 2022: Inspiring blind Scottish pianist Ethan Loch reaches grand final

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7 October 2022

New heads of school

Welcome new Heads of School  Kirsty, John, Daisy

As heads of school, myself and my deputies have really been putting a focus on pupil wellbeing.

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19 September 2022

2021 – 2022 Examination Results

Congratulations to all our pupils on their exam results and thank you to all our pupils and teachers who have worked so hard.

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11 May 2022

‘Blindingly Virtuosic’ Pianist, Philip Sharp joins Keyboard Faculty

We're delighted to announce that Philip Sharp will be joining the Keyboard Faculty.

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17 March 2022

Our Junior Ensemble takes centre stage

Rob Hall describes his latest project with the Junior Ensemble, recording a performance of four works for the 2022 CoMA (Contemporary Music for All) Festival, as ‘doing something a little bit different’…

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26 February 2022

Viktor wins federal prize in Bundeswettbewerb Jugend Komponiert

The Bundespreis is the most prestigious award for young composers in Germany and comes with a full scholarship for a week-long composition course.

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17 February 2022

The path to Enlightenment

With rehearsals underway for Enlightenment – the third work in our Seven Hills Project – we caught up with composer and alumnus Neil Tòmas Smith.

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14 January 2022

Steven Osborne OBE

Congratulations to Steven Osborne on being awarded an OBE in the New Years Honours. Wonderful news and deserved recognition of an extraordinary musician and a remarkable body of work. Bravo Steven!

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22 December 2021

'Imagined Conversation on Blackford Hill' online premiere

Online premiere of 'Imagined Conversation on Blackford Hill' by Tom David Wilson, today, Wednesday 22nd December at 5pm.

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17 December 2021

Pianodrome Sessions released today

In a continuation of their remarkable music series filmed at one of Edinburgh’s most iconic venues, we are delighted to feature in Pianodrome's latest Sessions series, released today. 

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8 December 2021

Ryan Corbett Wins 69th ROSL

Alumnus Ryan Corbett, Accordion has won the Royal Overseas League Annual Competition Gold Medal. He is the first accordionist to win the top award in 28 years!

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8 December 2021

Jake in finals of BBC Young Chorister of the Year

Jake Thomson (S1), reached the final of the highly prestigious BBC Young Chorister of the Year 2021 competition, broadcast on BBC 1's Songs of Praise. 

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11 November 2021

Connaught Brass announced as City Music Foundation Artists 2021

Connaught Brass  which includes alumni Aaron Akugbo and Robyn Blair are chosen as City Music Foundations Artists.

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1 November 2021

Cliodhna Scott Flute (S6 Extn)

Cliodhna Scott has been awarded the Coombs Scholarship, which supports one exceptional musician preparing to launch their career, or further education in music.

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31 October 2021

Brìghde Chaimbeul at COP 26 in Glasgow

Brìghde Chaimbeul Scottish smallpiper was invited to open the World Leaders’ Summit of COP 26 in Glasgow.

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12 October 2021

The Seven Hills Project expands across Scotland

We're delighted to be working with  Culloden Academy in Highland, Garnock Academy in North Ayrshire and Paisley Grammar School in Renfrewshire in a unique peer-to-peer, school-to-school musical project in partnership with Jay Capperauld. 

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7 October 2021

Plans approved for move to old Royal High School

Exciting news for the school today as the City of Edinburgh Council has approved plans that will see the school move to a new purpose-built facility within the old Royal High School. This is as part of plans for a new world-class centre for music education and public performance for the benefit of Scotland. 

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23 September 2021

Pekka Kuusisto launches Season 3 of Celebrity 6

Violinist, conductor and composer Pekka Kuusisto launches season 3 of the Celebrity 6 Series, welcoming renowned musicians from around the world. 

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22 September 2021

Agar Trust lends support to young musicians to travel free to our Taster Day

Talented young musicians from rural Scotland are being offered grants towards travel and accommodation to attend our forthcoming Taster Day for Piano, Strings and Accordion players. 

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13 September 2021

£230k award to St Mary’s Music School to support Scotland’s talented young musicians

We are delighted to have received a philanthropic grant of nearly £230,000 from the Leverhulme Trust. The grant will help create more opportunities for talented young musicians to access our specialist music education both as boarders and day pupils.  

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3 September 2021

St Mary's Music School at the heart of proposals put forward by RHSPT for New National Centre for Music at Old Royal High

St Mary's Music School is at the heart of a proposal put forward by The Royal High School Preservation Trust (RHSPT) for the creation of a world-class centre for music education and public performance for the benefit of the whole of Scotland.

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13 August 2021

Exam Results 2021 - Congratulations to all our pupils on their exam results

Over 85% of SQA grades awarded resulted as Grade A with a percentage pass rate of 100% across all levels.

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7 July 2021

Prizegiving 2021

Pupils and staff celebrated the end of term and the end of the school year with a prizegiving ceremony held in a marquee in the grounds.

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28 June 2021

St Mary's Music School's tribute to Edinburgh's seven hills launches 50th birthday cultural project

The countdown to our 50th birthday begins this week with the official launch of the Seven Hills Project. 

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19 June 2021

Winner of Directors' Recital Prize 2021

Seventeen year old cellist Layla Ballard wins the Directors’ Recital Prize 2021.

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1 June 2021

Welcome to the Pianodrome

From our latest publication of Lines and Spaces – Summer 2021. 

It’s not every day that our pupils perform in an amphitheatre made entirely of upcycled pianos but in May, Neil, Eve, Cliodhna and Pavlina (all S6) headed to the Pianodrome in Granton to do exactly that.

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1 June 2021

A Place For New Music

From our latest publication of Lines and Spaces – Summer 2021. 

The Seven Hills Project is now spreading musical waves across Scotland. Dr Valerie Pearson explains more about this joyful celebration of musical creativity and collaboration.

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2 April 2021

Lord Clyde Memorial Prize 2021

Cliodhna wins Lord Clyde Memorial Prize 2021.

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17 March 2021

A New Recording of Brahms and Schumann soon to be released

On 25th June, Delphian Records will release a new recording by keyboard faculty member Elena Fischer-Dieskau.

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17 March 2021

"If your child has a prodigious musical talent, you couldn’t do much better than St Mary’s."

That's the opinion of the latest Good Schools Guide Review published this week. 

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15 March 2021

Primary pupils return to School

Primary pupils return to School with Seniors due to follow after Easter

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8 March 2021

Double win at Jugend komponiert

Congratulations to Viktor and Kevin who have both been awarded fellowships as winners of prestigious German composition competition. 

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8 February 2021

Virtual singing classes launched for children P3 & P4

Zoomtunes - our new online singing classes for children in P3 and P4 beings on Friday. 

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5 February 2021

SCO Academy returns with a new Percussion offering

This Spring we are delighted to be running not only the SCO String and Wind Academies but adding Percussion too. 

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13 January 2021

Free online music sessions begin with flute workshops

We're delighted to be launching a series of free online music sessions which will be open to all young musicians practising at home while their schools tackle COVID-restrictions.

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11 January 2021

Keyboard Department welcomes Anna Michels

We are delighted to welcome former pupil Anna Michels as the latest addition to the Keyboard Department.

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4 January 2021

Lessons and auditions to stay online until February half-term

Following the announcement by the Scottish Government that schools will remain closed to pupils until February, the School’s Senior Management Team have confirmed today that teaching will remain on-line until half-term.

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18 December 2020

Woodwind through the wall - out of adversity comes ingenuity

At a time when it has been difficult to continue normal teaching due to government restrictions, our teachers have had to think creatively. Unsurprisingly, they have come up trumps. 

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Lines and Spaces 2020

28 October 2020

Read the latest news from St Mary's Music School

Discover what has been happening at St Mary's Music School in our latest publication, Lines and Spaces.

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27 October 2020

Update on former Royal High School

The Scottish Government announced today that planning consent for a hotel on the site of the former Royal High School in Edinburgh has been refused. 

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13 October 2020

SCO String and Wind Academies Open to Applications

Following the success of the SCO String and Wind Academies we held in 2019 and earlier in 2020, we are delighted to be partnering with Scottish Chamber Orchestra once again to deliver two new academies this autumn. 

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4 September 2020

Angela Hewitt sets the Celebrity 6 Series off to a great start.

We were delighted to welcome pianist Angela Hewitt today for the first of six Celebrity 6 Sessions with eminent musicians. 

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3 September 2020

SQA Exam Results 2020 - Congratulations to all our pupils on their exam results

Over 75% of SQA grades awarded resulted as Grade A and this session we saw our highest percentage pass rate (100%) across all levels.

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31 August 2020

Welcome to our new Head of Strings

In an exciting move for St Mary’s Music School we are delighted to welcome Dr Valerie Pearson as our new Head of Strings.The new full-time role will allow William Conway, who has been fulfilling the joint role of Head of Strings and Artistic Director for more than ten years, to devote more time to his role as the School’s Artistic Director.

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20 August 2020

Headteacher takes on Seven Hills Challenge

Support Headteacher Dr Taylor as he takes on the challenge of running the course of the Seven Hills Race in 140 minutes - that's just over 14 miles...over 2200 feet of ascent....and just 20 minutes per hill!

Read More >


19 August 2020

New commission and collaboration celebrates 40 years of support for specialist music education in the UK

Eleven talented young musicians from St Mary’s Music School join a pioneering collaboration between the UK’s five specialist music schools to celebrate 40 years of government support.

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30 July 2020

Music classes for children go online

Our group music classes for children age 4 to 12 are moving online for the Autumn term. 

Read More >


23 July 2020

New Composition Plays Tribute to Steve Reich

A new composition by composer and saxophonist Rob Hall, featuring photographic art by Susheila Jamieson and performed by junior instrumentalists at St Mary’s Music School went live on Youtube today.

Read More >


7 July 2020

Directors' Recital Prize 2020 Winners Announced

Congratulations to Sofia Ros and Cliodhna Scott who were announced as the winners of the Directors' Recital Prize 2020 last night. 

Read More >


7 July 2020

Danny Driver and Steven Osborne to give masterclasses as part of Online Piano Summer School

We're delighted that Danny Driver and Steven Osborne will both feature in this year's Online Piano Summer School. 

Read More >


2 July 2020

Scotland's national orchestra provides fitting finale for St Mary's Music School pupils

St Mary's Music School has joined forces with the Royal Scottish National Orchestra to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the Directors' Recital Prize. 

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30 June 2020

Obituary, Richard Chester

Obituary, Richard Chester, 1943 - 2020, Member and Former Chairman

Read More >


24 June 2020

IRP and JRP Winners Announced

Congratulations to all pupils who participated in the annual Junior Recital Prize, Intermediate Recital Prize and Directors' Recital Prize this year.

Read More >


23 June 2020

Danny Driver masterclass for senior pianists

To continue our term of online learning, we were delighted to welcome celebrated pianist Danny Driver to deliver a masterclass to senior pupils by Zoom. 

Read More >


15 June 2020

Directors' Recital Prize 2020 Finalists Announced

The four finalists of the Directors' Recital Prize 2020 were announced today. 

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28 May 2020

Antonio through to the final of Concurso Internacional de Piano “Ciudad de Sevilla”

We are delighted that pupil Antonio is successfully through to the final of the VII Concurso Internacional de Piano “Ciudad de Sevilla”. 

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27 May 2020

Exciting new music opportunity will hit the right note with young players in Scotland

The Scottish Chamber Orchestra and St Mary’s Music School are delighted to announce the launch of SCO Youth Academy.

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18 May 2020

St Mary’s Music School – The Journey to Online Learning

In this interview with Dr. Taylor, Headteacher, we take a look at all the work that has been taking place behind the scenes to ensure we can continue to provide a first-class level of music education to all our pupils.

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18 May 2020

Collaboration – An Essential Skill for Pianists

In this article, John Cameron, Assistant Director of Music at St Mary's Music School in Edinburgh, explains why every pianist should focus on collaboration. 

Read More >

Auditions Online

8 May 2020

Online auditions open for applications

St Mary's Music School is now accepting applications for online auditions for instrumental and chorister places. Advisory auditions are also available. 

Read More >


23 March 2020

A video message by Dr Kenneth Taylor, Headteacher

A video message by Dr Kenneth Taylor, Headteacher of St Mary's Music School to our community of pupils, parents, staff and supporters. 

Read More >


12 March 2020

Win for Pavlina at Edinburgh Competition Festival

Congratulations to Pavlina Gusheva (S5) who won the Piano Solo 15 Minute Recital class at the recent Edinburgh Competition Festival. 

Read More >


5 March 2020

Michael Kanan, jazz pianist, swops New York for Edinburgh

We were delighted to welcome jazz pianist Michael Kanan, all the way from New York, to spend the day with pupils. 

Read More >


4 March 2020

SCO Youth Academy announced as part of Scottish Chamber Orchestra's season launch

SCO Youth Academy, a new youth orchestra in partnership with Scottish Chamber Orchestra, is announced as part of SCO's launch of their second season with Principal Conductor Maxim Emelyanychev 2020-21

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20 February 2020

Masterclasses and Music Academies feature in outreach programme for 2020

St Mary’s Music School launches ambitious outreach programme for 2020 featuring a flagship collaboration with the Scottish Chamber Orchestra

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31 January 2020

First prize for Sofia at Arrasate Accordion Competition

Congratulations to pupil Sofia who won first prize in Senior Category (18 to 25 years of age) at the Arrasate Accordion Competition 2019. 

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31 January 2020

Cello Masterclass with Nicolas Altstaedt, 21st February 2020

We are delighted to announce that renowned cellist Nicolas Altstaedt will be delivering the annual Nigel Murray Masterclass on 21st February. 

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4 January 2020

Lessons to be delivered online until February half-term

Following the announcement by the Scottish Government that schools will remain closed to pupils until February, the School’s Senior Management Team have confirmed today that teaching will remain on-line until half-term.

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4 December 2019

Partnership with Scottish Chamber Orchestra goes from strength to strength

Following two successful String Academies run in partnership with SCO,  we are delighted to announce the launch of SCO Wind Academy. 

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2 December 2019

Castalian String Quartet, featuring alumnus Daniel Roberts, win RPS Young Artists Award 2019

The RPS Awards celebrate "the outstanding, the pioneering and the inspiational in classical music. For classical it's the Oscars, Grammys and BAFTAS all in one." BBC Radio 3

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7 November 2019

Leighton's 'Sacred Choral Works' recorded with the Choir and Choristers of St Mary's Cathedral

A new recording of Kenneth Leighton's sacred choral works, recorded with the Choir of St Mary's Cathedral, directed by Duncan Ferguson, is to be released on 29th November. 

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4 November 2019

Success for pupils in first round of BBC Young Musician of the Year

Sofia (accordion) and Shakira(cello) are succesfully through to the next round of  BBC Young Musician of the Year 2020. 

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3 November 2019

St Mary’s Music School showcase specialist music education in Kuala Lumpur

Headteacher Dr. Kenneth Taylor and Assistant Director of Music, John Cameron,  were invited to present and give masterclasses at the inaugural conference 'Music for the 21st Century', held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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31 October 2019

Pupils selected for National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain 2020

Four pupils have been awarded places in the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain this year.

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28 October 2019

Partnership with Scottish Chamber Orchestra expands

Following the success of the first String Academy held in partnership with Scottish Chamber Orchestra earlier in the year, we launched the second series at the end of October.

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24 October 2019

First prize for Octavoce at City of Derry International Choir Festival

Edinburgh-based Octavoce, the a capella vocal octet, whose members include many former choristers of St Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral and pupils of St Mary's Music School, win first prize at City of Derry International Choir Festival

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21 October 2019

Paul Stubbings delights audiences in St Petersburg

Renowned organist Paul Stubbings, who is also Director of Music at St Mary's Music School, played to full audiences in Russia towards the end of October as part of the annual St Petersburg festival of Russian music and poetry. 

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13 October 2019

Open Masterclass with the Maxwell Quartet

We're delighted to be welcoming the Maxwell Quartet back to Edinburgh for an open masterclass on Tuesday 10th December. The Quartet includes Duncan Strachan and Colin Scobie, two former St Mary's Music School pupils.

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11 October 2019

Head of Jazz adds new role at Leeds College of Music

We're delighted that Andrew Robb, Head of Jazz at St Mary's Music School, will also be teaching at Leeds College of Music. 

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23 September 2019

Over 200 people attend our Open Masterclass with Adam Walker

Earlier this month we welcomed Adam Walker, Principal Flute with the London Symphony Orchestra (LSO), to give a masterclass to young musicians. 

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16 September 2019

Sofia wins first prize in International Accordion Competition

S6 pupil Sofia Ros Gonzales wins 1st Prize in the 16th International  Accordion Competition of San Vincenzo la Costa. 

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6 September 2019

Pupil Ben makes debut in West Side Story

In August this year, St Mary’s Music School pupil Ben Giblin performed in West Side Story, conducted by Sir John Eliot Gardner, with the Scottish Chamber Orchestra as part of the Edinburgh International Festival 2019. 

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6 August 2019

Pupils celebrate with outstanding exam results

Pupils and staff at St Mary’s Music School are celebrating as the results for the SQA Examinations were published today.  The pass rates, National 5 – 100%, Higher – 98% and Advanced Higher – 97% are exceptional with 73% of all presentations resulting in a Grade A award.

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23 April 2019

Alumni spotlight - Adam Crighton, trombonist (Class of 2014).

Former pupil Adam Crighton has recently graduated from Guildhall winning The Armourers and Brasiers Prize for Brass. He is currently playing in the orchestra for Trevor Nunn's five star revival of Fiddler on the Roof at the Playhouse Theatre in the West End.

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18 April 2019

Deadline approaches for Piano Summer School

As the deadline for applications to the residential Piano Summer School approaches on May 20th 2019, pianists aged 13 to 19 are encouraged to apply. 

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17 April 2019

A packed house for the Spring Concert

The whole school came together in the beautiful surroundings of St Mary's Episcopal Cathedral for a concert of two halves, split between 'A Portrait of Purcell' and Saint-Saëns Violin Concerto No 3 in B minor, Op 61

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22 March 2019

A superlative evening to celebrate the arrival of the new Steinway

The evening of 28th February was a special moment in the history of St Mary’s Music School when staff, pupils, donors, alumni and friends gathered to celebrate the addition of the new Steinway Model B piano to the School’s fleet of instruments.

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19 March 2019

A weekend snapshot of life at St Mary's Music School

From performing at the Royal National College of Music Chamber Music Festival to our Choristers recording a CD with Delphian Records - it has been a busy weekend for St Mary's Music School pupils. 

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14 March 2019

LSO celebrate Haitink at 90 with two former pupils Carol Ella and Malcolm Johnston

St Mary's Music School alumni celebrate 'Haitink at 90' as part of the London Symphony Orchestra at the Barbican, London. 

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14 February 2019

'On Being a Musician' - latest film released

In the fourth in a series of popular short films, Scotland’s national music school pupils share what music means to them.

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11 February 2019

Winner of Lord Clyde Concerto Competition Announced

After superb performances by 18 students, the prestigious Lord Clyde Memorial Prize Concerto Competition drew to a close on Friday.

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30 January 2019

Francois Leleux Masterclass

World renowned oboist and conductor, François Leleux captivated pupils and guests with a two hour masterclass. 

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24 January 2019

A superb start to the Spring term

The Spring term began with two high profile performances - one at Scottish Parliament and the other at St Andrew's and St George's in Edinbugh. 

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22 January 2019

Flagship gift for Scotland’s national music school

A very special gift arrives from Germany as a  new Steinway Model B joins the St Mary's Music School fleet. 

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5 December 2018

SCO String Academy

The SCO String Academy, in partnership with St Mary’s Music School, is a new free opportunity for musicians, taking place over a series of three Sunday afternoons.

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26 November 2018

Whatever the Season

New animated film set to Vivaldi's Largo from The Four Seasons

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22 November 2018

Guitar day with world renowned guitarist Craig Ogden

We are delighted to be holding the first St Mary's Music School Guitar Day with guitarist Craig Ogden.

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21 November 2018

Be a Chorister Day

We welcome Primary pupils who enjoy singing for a special opportunity to participate alongside the award-winning Choristers of St Mary's Episcopal Cathedral.

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24 October 2018

Debussy Festival at St Cecilia's

Staff member James Willshire will curate a mini-festival celebrating Debussy on 1st & 2nd December.

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1 October 2018

Head of Jazz wins Double Bass prize

Andrew Robb, Head of Jazz, wins at the European Society of Bassists 2018

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17 September 2018

The Note campaign is launched

The Note campaign calls for everyone to support the plan for the school's move to the old Royal High School.

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5 September 2018

Anonymous artist leaves gift to the School

The school has received the gift of a paper sculpture from Edinburgh’s Anonymous Sculptor.

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21 August 2018

Helen Macleod 1980 - 2018

Obituary: Helen Macleod, harp player, former pupil and former instrumental teacher

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14 August 2018

‘Moving movie’ supports the Perfect Harmony campaign

Watch our short film about bringing together two of Scotland’s national treasures in Perfect Harmony.

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28 June 2018

Salvador Sanchez wins Directors' Recital Prize

Eighteen year old pianist from Spain wins following a closely contested competition.

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20 June 2018

Nicola Benedetti and Steven Isserlis feature in new film.

The film showcases two musically gifted youngsters who have studied at St Mary’s Music School.

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13 June 2018

The Minute Waltz: Take a Minute       

Take a Minute to show support for St Mary’s Music School

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7 June 2018

Juniors in June - the Castles Series

Junior Instrumentalists play at the Palace of Holyrood House

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21 May 2018

Edinburgh Masterclass Series 2018: Violin Masterclass

Renowned violinist Renaud Capuçon delivered an exceptional masterclass for pupils and guests

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18 May 2018

James Willshire plays at the Edinburgh Society of Musicans

Keyboard staff member, James Willshire, gave a recital of Litolff, Debussy and Liszt

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15 May 2018

Scottish Awards for New Music

Will Conway receives a Scottish Award for New Music for The Last Island, recorded by the Hebrides Ensemble

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14 May 2018

Steven Osborne Piano Recital in the Chapel

Vice-President Steven Osborne plays Berg op.1 and Prokofiev 7th Sonata

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12 May 2018

Rachmaninov Etudes-tableaux, played by Steven Osborne

Hyperion release of Rachmaninov Etudes-tableaux played by Steven Osborne due shortly

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5 May 2018

Simon Smith Lunchtime Concert      

Simon Smith played Stuart Macrae's Piano Sonata for pupils and staff.

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1 May 2018

The Minute Waltz: Animated film by Domenica More Gordon

New short animated film in support of the proposed move by the school to the former Royal High School building.

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30 April 2018

Young musicians participate in annual Nigel Murray Masterclass

One hundred and fifty young musicians attended the Masterclass given by the Fitzwilliam String Quartet.

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24 March 2018

MacMillan's Stabat Mater to be streamed live from Rome

MacMillan's Stabat Mater to be streamed live from Rome

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22 March 2018

Rachmaninov at the Edinburgh Society of Musicians

On Wednesday 21st March, the Keyboard Department put on a programme of Rachmaninov

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11 February 2018

Winterplay: Young Musicians' Showcase

Outstanding students from St Mary’s Music School performed an hour’s programme of chamber music.

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9 January 2018

Sir James MacMillan shares composing expertise.

Leading Scottish composer Sir James MacMillan shares his composing expertise in a new film.

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1 December 2017

Pupils Bring Advice of Famous Composer to Life

Pupils have brought the advice of a famous composer to life in a series of four short films.

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15 December 2015

Royal High School Preservation Trust unveils plans for iconic Thomas Hamilton building

The Trust hopes to move St Mary’s Music School into the historic Thomas Hamilton building on Calton Hill

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26 November 2015

Royal High School Proposed Move

Statement from William Gray Muir and Dr Kenneth Taylor in light of the City of Edinburgh’s decision to reject plans for a hotel on the Calton Hill site.

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